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    No shortcuts. I believe in a quality product that will last.
    My mission is to create high performance homes and commercial spaces to meet the energy and climate demands of the future while providing healthy and comfortable spaces today.
  • Side of home that was updated and designed by King Pine Homes
    The charm of an older home, with the benefits of a new one
    We believe recycling is the ultimate form of sustainability, so our goal is to reposition existing buildings to match the modern lifestyle. Recognizing the importance of neighborhood integrity, King Pine Properties strives to preserve historically signifi
  • Finished exterior of a home by King Pine Homes
    Energy Efficient Retrofits
    Energy efficiency is a pillar of the King Pine Homes' business model. We're passionate about preserving our resources and protecting our environment, so all our projects incorporate home energy improvements.


We now have over a year's worth of utility data for our rental at 37 Fox Street, Portland. As you may recall, we performed a deep energy retrofit in early 2016 and prepared a case study outlining the... Read more
Mini-split heat pumps have become increasingly popular in New England over the past few years. Having improved steadily, the technology now works better in colder climates and offers an affordable... Read more

Case Studies

Background Information

  • Neighborhood: East Bayside, Portland, ME

  • Built: 1860

  • Square Feet: 863

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