Johnny Rizzo headshot, owner of King Pine Homes in Maine

My name is Johnny Ritzo and I am the founding member of King Pine Properties. I started King Pine Properties in early 2013 to fill an important need in the housing market: Energy efficient, sustainable homes utilizing contemporary design and modern building science that are affordably priced. Home performance and energy efficiency are common sense concepts that are worthy of endorsing simply for their benefits, including comfort, indoor air quality, safety, and monthly savings.

I see recycling as the ultimate form of sustainability. This is why King Pine Properties focuses primarily on existing buildings. Energy retrofits represent a tremendous opportunity, and there are countless buildings full of history and potential, but in need of updating. Therefore, it is our mission to revitalize and retrofit these homes and commercial buildings to meet the challenges of the next 100 years, including climate change, severe weather events, and volatile energy prices.

What We Do.

King Pine Properties buys buildings in need of extensive remodeling. We then update them according to contemporary design and sustainability standards. Upon verifying that the properties meet our efficiency standards, we either offer them for lease or sale.

Commitment To Quality.

First and foremost, I want to create an exceptional product that is designed to last. King Pine Properties refuses to cut corners in our rehab projects, which often means tackling difficult issues in a project that others may ignore. In the end, though, I find great satisfaction knowing that a project is complete and that the customer will be well-served by a high-performance home or commercial space for years to come. 

Commitment to Sustainability.

Energy efficiency, renewable sources of energy, and green building practices are the underpinnings of our business. Everything we are involved with must incorporate some combination of these elements. The environment in which we live has a direct impact on our health, finances, and communities. Thus, our focus is on creating or repositioning buildings to help promote a healthy environment. 

This website is designed to share information regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy, so other people can incorporate the concepts into their homes or real estate projects. Please read through our "learn" library, case studies, and blog. And, please share your thoughts and experiences with us on our blog, social media, or by email.