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After getting a home energy audit, most homeowners sense they missed the chance to get it right the first time.  Whether dealing with new construction or a major remodel, most people aren't thinking about energy efficiency, but these are the best times for a home energy upgrade.

It is most cost-effective and convenient to address energy efficiency from the outset of a project.  Why?  The cost of a home energy upgrade decreases significantly when home energy pros have access to attics, wall assemblies, heating systems, etc.  It becomes much more costly when workers have to cut out drywall or remove part of the roof to gain access to areas that need insulation or air sealing.  When such areas are already exposed, you only have the marginal cost of the insulation and air sealing -- not demolition and rebuild.  

At King Pine Homes, we typically deal with homes in need of a whole house remodel, as they offer the best opportunities to make huge gains in energy efficiency.  In particular, we look for existing homes in need of new siding, roofs, HVAC systems, and/or windows.  In addition to the luxury of a modern home, Kine Pine Homes offer the many accompaniying benefits of home performance, including:

  • Low Heating Costs;
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality;
  • Increased Comfort; and 
  • A Reduced Carbon Footprint. 

So, if you're considering building a new home or rennovating, start thinking about energy efficiency from the outset. You'll be glad you did.